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Telemachus DESCRIPTION: Told through the medium of a colony of migrating birds, this is essentially a love story which explores the meaning of the word ‘love’ to different individuals.

It’s about pain and joy, illusion and reality. It’s also about the fragility of love and the way it can be destroyed so easily for some, while for others, it’s the immutable spine of their very existence.

Tom John-Mary has two contradictory anticipations in his early days, both about females who will have a future influence on his life. Daisy, an unwelcome intruder, and Sally, the love of his life.

Daisy inserts herself into his respected family and Tom’s belief that Sally is to be his gift from Aves, God of Birds, is shattered. Meantime, Sally becomes paired with Jacob who, at an early stage, mistreats her and absconds.

Telemachus is the big red eagle at the end of the northern valley and from whose talons none return. Tom doesn’t know if he’s real or an illusion, as none ever return to say they’ve seen him. He’s the threat that’s there in the face of all life, the danger that’s met around any corner. In some ways, he’s the existential response to illogical teaching and distorted reasoning.

Follow this incredible story and discover the storms, twists, turns, tragedies and migrations that Tom and Sally have to endure before love can really start to soar.



1st Place Winner 2016 Writer's Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

1st Place Winner of the WRITER’S DIGEST Self-Published EBOOK AWARDS

“I like this cover. Pretty slick and inventive. It’s lovely the way it sneaks up on the reader that this is not a human talking, the understatement is a treasure. Your use of language is refreshingly direct, your everyday vocabulary a pleasant departure from the showoff authors.”

“I also love the role politics play in the book. It’s brilliant, and really an achievement. Congratulations!”

Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards.

5 star review Telemachus by Peter Gray

“Telemachus is an incredible story based on love. The medium is through birds who are projected just as human beings. In fact, the story acts like a moral guide that teaches as many words of wisdom in an entertaining manner. Peter Gray shows us the correct way of raising our kids so that they grow up becoming empathetic human beings. In fact, in today’s world there are many parents with single kids and these kids face the danger of turning into spoiled and self-centered creatures. It is only when the parents take extra care to instill all the values in life that the children grown up becoming responsible citizens of the world. Similarly, the author states that love is a fragile emotion which could easily break. So, we must take care to cherish this love in our lives to increase their longevity. Tom and Sally suffer much in life before they finally meet with one another and are able to build a nest together.
Apart from the story I loved the writing style of the author as it brought to life rich and vivid images of wild life. I highly recommend this book to everyone both for its entertaining value and also for the moral teachings

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5 star review Telemachus by Peter Gray“Very unique story with hidden meanings throughout

This was a very complex and intricately-written story. This story is told about a community of birds, though the meaning behind the story sounds as if it is actually more about human beings. The main male bird is torn between two female birds. He feels he has a responsibility toward the female bird Daisy, whom he is not attracted to nor does he want to be with and raise a family with. But, she bullies her way into his life and starts to manipulate the relationship.

The main male bird has different female bird that he believes is supposed to be his. She ends up choosing a different male bird as a mate who seems to be a prime choice, but turns out to be drunken and abusive. The actual Telemachus is believed to be a huge male bird that hunts and kills the birds who stray too far from the community. even after reading the book, I still felt that Telemachus represented more than just a huge bird with killer claws, though.

In order to completely grasp and appreciate a story like this one, you should have a pretty open mind and be somewhat of a deep thinker. All in all, though, it’s a very good read.

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