Horse and riderThe purpose of this site is to provide a lifeline to owners whose horses suffer from chronic, unresponding lameness and other obscure performance problems. In reality, obscure causes of lameness have appreciably altered the whole subject in the modern era and reasons for this need to be assessed, the causative factors delineated so that they can be addressed and perhaps their significance reduced. It is easy enough to recognise the major changes in horse management that have contributed to this situation and we will discuss the implications in due course.

However, the consequences, a changed face to equine lameness, need to be approached in greater depth and this will be the future purpose of this site. The objective is education, the need to broaden a discussion that puzzles many in the world of horses and not least the veterinary profession, which is failing to appreciate that one of the most significant systems in locomotion – the muscular system – requires greater consideration in lameness assessment and a greater depth of knowledge if it is to be properly understood.

It is frequently suggested that there is no comparison between human and equine athletes and their injuries. Not only is this incorrect, we will endeavour to demonstrate that the similarities are basic and the types of injury commonplace in human sport are not very dissimilar from those that commonly occur in horses.
The new theme is intended to widen perceptions from the purely technological and help bring a balance between perceived science and daily disease, or injury problems. A yawning gap has developed between what is practical and what is theory and an over-reliance on technology shows no sign of abating. The gap between reality and pictorial evidence, the difference between clinical significance and acceptable change needs better definition. Clinical medicine is the poorer without it. Animals suffer unwarranted intrusions and owners are subjected to needless expense because of what ultimately amounts to false perspectives.

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